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About us

The Kalis Games was born in June 2017 at a small coffee shop in the heart of the Philippine capital. Having worked numerous events across Asia, Australia, and the US, our founder felt that there was a need for a quality event reflective of the highest standards in the functional fitness community of the Orient. Being centrally situated and extremely accessible with its people possessing an East-West mentality, Manila was the perfect place to welcome friends from all over the world given its cultural and geographical identity.


The Kalis Games is not just another competition. It is a movement committed to bringing back and being true to the essence of the Asian core values of excellence, hard work, respect for one another, and valuing relationships.

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It is the goal of our team to create an event that caters to the collective well-being of the community.

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For ATHLETES and their COACHES, to provide an avenue to showcase the results of their hard work in training through challenging, yet fun workouts in an environment which is as clean and as well- designed as possible, in a competition that is run by a highly-trained and efficient officiating body.

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For SPECTATORS, to provide a fun experience through exciting competition, interesting vendors, and a comfortable venue.

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For BUSINESSES, to connect them with the right market and customer base, whether it be through our media when they support us with sponsorships or having a retail space at our Vendor Village.

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to provide a vibrant experience by giving them a challenging work environment where they can both share their expertise and learn at the same time as part of a caring community.

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What the future looks like for us: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER

Our goal for the future is not only to have the competition side, but also to connect KEY TEACHERS and FORWARD THINKERS on important issues such as health and wellness to people on this side of the world.

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The first-ever Kalis Games was held on October 15-17 at the Crossroad Center Convenarium, and brought together 57 athletes, 160 volunteers, and roughly 750 spectators. This year, we hope to organically expand our community while keeping true to our motto:

Empowering the Filipino.

Empowering the Asian.

Empowering every human being.

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